Terms & Conditions

Deposits and Payments 

Clients are required to pay 100% of the estimated bill and will be refunded or invoiced the difference on the final account; organisations not affiliated to 106 Pall Mall are also requested to pay in full in advance.

Under the Club Bye law 11 (6), final payment is required within 14 days.  If a client or organisation, fails to pay within 30 days of the due date (Rule 18 (4)), interest on the amount due will be charged at the rate of 2.5% per month, calculated from the due date.


All prices quoted for food and wines are correct at the time of being printed, but are subject to change without notice depending on market forces. 

All prices quoted are inclusive of V.A.T. at 20%.


Should a party be cancelled, more than four weeks’ notice, it will result in no charge. Cancellations given between two to four weeks’ notice will incur the room hire charge only. If less than two weeks’ notice is given the client or organisation will be responsible for the full account.

Damage to property

Any damage to the fabric of the building or any of its contents must be met in full by the hirer

Standing Instruction in the case of fire evacuation

In the case of a fire alarm sounding during an event, the staff will instruct those present to vacate the room immediately through the nearest safe exit from the room and make their way down the main or rear staircase to the nearest safe exit from the building, either the main entrance to 106 Pall Mall Garden Room leading to Carlton Gardens, unless otherwise instructed by the designated person in charge

Further Information 


106 Pall Mall is a non-smoking environment; guests are requested not to stand on the main entrance steps whilst smoking as this can impede the entry and exit of others. 

Disabled Guests

Members with disabled guests are requested to consult the Banqueting Manager with regard to access.

Registration Certificate 

106 Pall Mall holds a Club Registration Certificate allowing the service of alcoholic beverages from 11.00am to midnight Monday to Saturday and from midday until 10.30pm on Sunday. Club staff have strict instructions not to serve any liquor after this time, as to do so may result in the Certificate being revoked. Your co-operation in this matter is greatly appreciated. An application can be made to extend the hours for weekend parties.


Property left in the Hall by a guest shall be at the guest's own risk; 106 Pall Mall will not be liable for any loss of, or damage to, any such property. 

Emeric Paumard—Events Manager

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020 7766 3403 (direct line)